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At Plan Shop Live we're firm believers that healthy food should be delicious and easily accessible. Dieting is a big NO for us and FUELING YOUR BODY with the perfectly balanced meal is a must.

I started as a smart jar business back in 2018 and shared my passion for delicious and healthy food with everyone I met. I wanted to break the stigma that eating healthy was boring and bland. My goal was to teach people that you can still eat the foods you love without the guilt. Healthy eating is all about simple ingredients blended together in a way that will not only keep your taste buds excited, but also make you feel satisfied and happy with your choices at the end of the day.

​It's all about balance and NOT about restriction.

Restrictions lead to failure.

Balance leads to success.

Plan Shop Live Kitchen

Check out our ALL NEW menu

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Now offering                               salads options!

Image by Stephanie Moody

We Proudly Serve Blueprint Coffee.

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