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December 10th -12th come enjoy 'Twas the Pop-Up Before Christmas event at Plan Shop Live Kitchen and indulge in our classic Christmas movie inspired cocktails and shareable appetizers.


Reservations are available for parties up to 8 people. If a table size is reserved that you'd like to inquire about, please give us a call at 618.223.8330. All reservations are given a time allotment of 90 minutes and tables must be paid for in full before your reservation is confirmed. You can reserve a table for fewer than listed on the reservation, but no more than allotted. 'Twas the Pop-Up requires a non-refundable reservation fee that will be used to provide grocery store gift cards to help feed those in our community who may have fallen on hard times during this holiday season. No family should go without a hot meal to eat and we want to help by giving back to those who may need it.


For the holiday season we wanted to bring a little extra holiday cheer, so let's celebrate with some of the best parts of the season: classic Christmas movies, cocktails and of course lots of laughs with friends and family.