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Now offering                               salads options!

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Simple Recipes for a New You!

Start your year off right with our Reset Challenge eBook! This is not a diet plan, but a reset plan to help you develop a healthy relationship with food. Our eBook is filled with shopping lists, snack ideas, and many recipes!


New Specials and Seasonal Coffee Flavors Just Added

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The best Greek salad I have had in a very long time. Charming interior and people. Definitely worth driving over from Edwardsville.

Jeremy Colton

Just had a southwest salad delivered to work for my dinner. It was delicious! They were quick and there is plenty of chicken on the salad. I will definitely order from you again!

Melissa Ann

I will never eat Chicken Noodle Soup any other way now! It took me way too long to check this adorable little place out. If you haven’t yet, please do! The food is phenomenal! I can’t wait to try everything else!

Kaleigh Short

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Restrictions lead to failure.

Balance leads to success.

At Plan Shop Live we're firm believers that healthy food should be delicious and easily accessible. Dieting is a big NO for us and FUELING YOUR BODY with the perfectly balanced meal is a must.

I started as a smart jar business back in 2018 and shared my passion for delicious and healthy food with everyone I met. I wanted to break the stigma that eating healthy was boring and bland. My goal was to teach people that you can still eat the foods you love without the guilt. Healthy eating is all about simple ingredients blended together in a way that will not only keep your taste buds excited, but also make you feel satisfied and happy with your choices at the end of the day.

​It's all about balance and NOT about restriction.


Plan Shop Live best describes the flow of reaching success in anyone’s health and fitness journey.


We must plan what it is we want to achieve. Is it weight loss? heart health? lower cholesterol? or to overall feel better? Once you determine what exactly you are striving for you, will move on to the next step.


You must shop for the best way to achieve your goals. Whether that is finding a trainer or gym, a restaurant that provides healthy meals, a meal program, a nutritionist, a chiropractor etc. You must find the best avenue that will suit your needs, an avenue that you feel will best help you achieve your goals, and one that you can follow regularly.


The most important step of them all. We have only one life to live, so make sure you live your best life. Make sure that you are not living a life full of restrictions, because as I say "restriction leads to failure and balance leads to success."

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Image by Stephanie Moody

We Proudly Serve Blueprint Coffee.

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